What services does MOA offer?

We provide a full slate of services related to the procurement, packaging, and delivery of food products we ship. We take total responsibility for the products we represent. MOA clients rely on us to handle all aspects of the business, including purchasing, shipping, clearance, transportation and finance. Because we assume title to the products we ship, we help our clients maximize cash flow, absorb currency fluctuations, and minimize inventories. Our behind-the-scenes expertise helps speed safe, high-quality food products from farm to consumer.

What is the Wholesale Marketplace?

The Wholesale Marketplace allows qualified customers to purchase full cases of product at discounted wholesale prices.
To participate, you must fill out an application. Once approved, you will use a secure Login and Password to access your account and view all your account and ordering information and history of the Invoices and Orders and much more.

How do you identify your vendor base?

We have strategically chosen global vendors with a track record of quality, safety, and performance; many are vertically integrated. Our policies of dual-hemisphere supply sourcing reduce risk in different situations including crop shortage and allows us to match the right supplier with the right customer.
We also seek out new, innovative high-quality suppliers who offer a consistent supply of raw materials and are committed to supplying our customers with the best products at a fair price.
Our suppliers uphold the highest standards of food quality and safety for the healthy enjoyment of those who consume our products. All the plants we work with must have a third-party audit with a score that meets our customers’ requirements. review procedures and protocols and create standards that exceed expectations.

Tell us about your third-party audits.

Third-party audits are conducted annually by respected industry auditors. Each supplier must have an audit from one of the approved agencies and meet minimum scores and guidelines to be approved to sell to our customers.

Who Can Participate?

Wholesale accounts are available to qualified retail merchants, distributors, restaurants, and food service organizations that have a physical retail outlet or manufacturing facility. Flea markets, Website only sales, home-based businesses, and MLM programs will not be considered. A valid Sales Tax Permit is required.

Return a Product Policy?

Items shipped from MOA LLC, including MOA LLC Warehouse, can be returned within 15 days of receipt of shipment in most cases. Some products have different policies or requirements associated with them.
It can take up to 25 days for an item to reach us once you return it. Once the item is received at our fulfillment center, it takes 2 business days for the refund to be processed and 3-5 business days for the refund amount to show up in your account. Your return label will require you to return the item at your own expense.

What is Halal?

Halal is an Arabic term which means permissible. Anything a Muslim is allowed to conduct or consume is known as Halal. Halal food requires a specific process to be carried out and must be free from Haram (not permissible) ingredients. This process is conducted following specific guidelines to ensure the product is healthy and safe for consumption.

Who is your halal certifier?

Halal products are certified by IFANCC (Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of Canada) and IFANCA (Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America). Both councils are globally recognized as members of the World Halal Food Council.

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